Coming Back After Money Broke Your Heart

Have you ever…

    • experienced not being able to pay your bills on time?
    • gone through great financial loss?
    • had to ask for help with money and had shame around it?
    • broken trust in money transactions?
    • faced bankruptcy?

Or maybe you have…

    • had deep feelings of not receiving what you paid for.
    • felt like you are always robbing Peter to pay Paul.
    • struggled in relationship with money all your life.
    • had addictive behaviors around money.

Or maybe you are fed up with……

    • that heart-wrenching feeling of not being able to afford to the things you most desire or are in need of!

If you said YES to any of these, isn’t it time to heal your money heartbreak?

Everything we create starts within…

If we are holding on to pain around money from the past, we are creating based on that pain…

Any pain, any lack within our hearts shows up in our relationship with money.

All heartbreaks impact our receiving, our wealth and our relationship with money!

Jennifer Bloome and I, Jennifer Urezzio, we want to alleviate suffering around money, so we created this 3-part ‘Coming Back’ online course which is full of tangible internal and external tools to heal the pain and create a new relationship with money.

This three-part series is designed to provide direction and strategy to rebuild and up-level your wealth consciousness.

It is about creating a new powerful relationship with wealth (which will impact every channel of receiving in your life).

With love and grace,
Jennifer and Jennifer

Coming Back After Money Broke Your Heart

A 3-part online course:

Class One: Taking Responsibility
* What does responsibility mean?  (My answer might surprise you!)
* Acceptance.
* Your relationship with money.
* Energy leaks.
* Money and Love
* Connection with the Divine.
* Healing the heartbreak
* Power and Money

and many more…

Class Two:
Understanding, Voicing and Accepting Your Heartbreak
* 5 ways of dealing with conflict
* Accepting and cutting ties with your old story
* Understanding the heartbreak and letting go
* The impact of personal beliefs and laws
* New relationship with money
* Activations
* Staying present
* Expecting

and many more…

Class Three: Stepping Into, Creating and Receiving the Possibility of Unlimited Wealth Consciousness
* Layers in wealth consciousness
* Different tools for understanding ourselves
* Soul languages and Money
* Power vs. Force with money
* Forgiveness exercise around shame and debt
* Connecting to your energetic wealth stream
* Appreciation exercise
* Resources vs Source

and many more…

Click the button below and purchase this gem-packed 3-part online course!

We promise that applying internal and external exercises found in this course will heal your heart, raise your wealth consciousness and put you in the receiving mode!

(Just like it did with us and all the participants till now! Keep applying and keep reconnecting!))


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